• Air Conditioning Repair

    Air Conditioning Repair

    Maintaining a properly functioning air conditioning system is not only about comfort on hot summer days but also plays a crucial role in defrosting your windshield during cold, damp winter days. A well-maintained A/C system helps dehumidify the air passing through the defrosting system, ensuring your windows quickly clear and stay fog-free. If you've noticed a decline in the efficiency of your car's air conditioning system, let All Over Towing perform a full system performance check for you. Our experts can thoroughly test the system, identify any leaks, and recharge it to ensure you experience the proper operation you deserve. Schedule an air conditioning inspection with All Over Towing today and prioritize the comfort and safety of your vehicle.
  • Air Filter

    Air Filter

    Ensuring the well-being of your medium and heavy-duty vehicle, the air filter becomes a critical component in safeguarding the engine against damaging dirt and debris. A dirty or clogged air filter can significantly impact power and fuel efficiency, making regular checks crucial. At All Over Towing, specializing in medium and heavy-duty vehicles, we prioritize the health of your engine. Our thorough inspections include checking the air filter with every oil change, and we recommend replacement as needed. Trust our expertise to keep your medium and heavy-duty vehicles performing at their best. Schedule your next maintenance with All Over Towing and experience optimal engine efficiency.
  • Alternator Replacement

    Alternator Replacement

    While many people recognize the battery as the key to starting a vehicle, not everyone is aware that once the car is in motion, it's the alternator that powers all electrical systems. From headlights and the heating/air conditioning system to the car audio, the alternator plays a crucial role. It's responsible for keeping the battery charged, ensuring it's always ready to start the vehicle after it's turned off. In the event of alternator failure, the battery's reserve power quickly depletes, leading to a stalled or non-starting vehicle. Issues such as a broken pulley, a loose belt, or damaged wiring can also disrupt the charging system's function. If you suspect any problems with your starting or charging system for your medium and heavy-duty vehicles, trust All Over Towing to diagnose and replace any faulty components. Ensure the continued reliability of your vehicle by scheduling a testing and replacement service with All Over Towing today.
  • Batteries


    Your battery plays a crucial role in supplying the electrical power needed to start your vehicle when it's not running. Beyond starting the engine, it acts as a reserve capacitor, safeguarding sensitive electronics from voltage spikes originating from the alternator. A failing battery is often the culprit when your car refuses to start, and in severe cases, it can lead to a breakdown on the road. Harsh weather conditions, whether extreme heat or freezing cold, can exacerbate issues with a weak battery. To ensure the reliability of your vehicle, it's essential to have your battery tested regularly for optimal performance. If the results indicate a need for replacement, trust All Over Towing to swiftly provide a suitable replacement. Our expert team is equipped to handle the unique needs of medium and heavy-duty vehicles. Schedule a battery test and replacement service with All Over Towing today to keep your vehicle running smoothly in all conditions.
  • Belts & Hoses

    Belts & Hoses

    The belts and hoses in your vehicle play a crucial role in ensuring the proper operation of essential systems such as cooling, air conditioning, and charging. Over time, old hoses can become cracked and dry, resulting in squealing or breakage. Radiator and heater hoses, in particular, are susceptible to deterioration, becoming hard, cracked, or soft and porous with age. This deterioration can lead to system leakage and severe engine problems, including overheating. A broken belt can have serious consequences, causing a loss of power steering, failure to charge, or engine overheating, leaving you stranded on the road. To prevent such issues, it's vital to have these components checked at least annually and replaced when necessary. The typical lifespan of a belt or hose is seldom over 5 years. Count on your friends at All Over Towing to inspect your belts and hoses for your medium and heavy-duty vehicles. Our experts will assess their condition and advise you on any replacements needed to ensure the continued reliability of your vehicle. Schedule a comprehensive inspection with All Over Towing today.
  • Brake Repair

    Brake Repair

    Your brake system is a crucial component that transmits the force from your brake pedal through hydraulic lines to the pistons in the brake calipers and wheel cylinders at your wheels. This force generates friction between the brake pads or shoes and the brake rotors or drums, resulting in the stopping force needed to bring your vehicle to a quick and safe halt. If you notice brake-related symptoms such as a squealing or grinding noise, a pulsating brake pedal, an abnormal amount of brake pedal travel, or a red brake light indicator, it's imperative to have your brakes inspected promptly. At All Over Towing, specializing in medium and heavy-duty vehicles, our skilled professionals can efficiently diagnose and address any brake issues you may be experiencing, ensuring your safety on the road. Trust All Over Towing to swiftly and professionally solve your brake problems and get you back on the road securely. Schedule your brake inspection with us today.
  • Cooling System Repair

    Cooling System Repair

    Your vehicle's cooling system is a vital element designed to bring your vehicle up to operating temperature swiftly while preventing it from running too hot. This system utilizes antifreeze to absorb heat from the engine and transfers it to the radiator for efficient cooling. The water pump, a critical component, is responsible for creating the necessary pressure to circulate coolant through hoses from the engine to the radiator. To maintain an optimal operating temperature of around 190 degrees, the thermostat regulates the flow of coolant from the engine to the radiator. If any of these components fail to operate correctly, your vehicle may either run too cool, resulting in poor performance and fuel economy, or run too hot, potentially causing severe engine damage and overheating. If you have concerns about the proper operation of your cooling system for your medium and heavy-duty vehicles, trust All Over Towing for a thorough inspection and service. Our experts are dedicated to ensuring the efficient performance of your vehicle while safeguarding the environment. Schedule your cooling system inspection and service with All Over Towing today.
  • Diesel Engine Maintenance & Repair

    Diesel Engine Maintenance & Repair

    In the realm of medium and heavy-duty vehicles, diesel engines power many trucks and cars, known for their superior fuel efficiency and reliability. While these engines generally outshine their gasoline counterparts, they do require specialized maintenance to ensure optimal performance. Key components such as glow plugs, fuel pumps, fuel injectors, and turbochargers play a crucial role in the efficient operation of diesel engines. Routine maintenance is paramount, focusing on tasks such as engine oil and filter changes, fuel filter replacements, and water separator checks. These measures are essential to keep your medium and heavy-duty diesel vehicles operating at peak performance. At All Over Towing, equipped with the tools, equipment, and expertise needed, we are committed to maintaining the excellence of your diesel vehicles. Trust us for comprehensive diesel engine maintenance to keep your medium and heavy-duty vehicles running smoothly. Schedule your diesel maintenance service with All Over Towing today.
  • Differential Repair

    Differential Repair

    In the realm of modern cars and light trucks, differentials are a common feature. All-wheel-drive vehicles, in particular, necessitate differentials between each set of wheels, as well as between the front and back wheels. This is because the front wheels travel a different distance through a turn than the rear wheels. The differential plays a crucial role in transferring engine power to the wheels and adjusting to differences in wheel speed. It allows the wheels to turn at varying speeds while maintaining control of the vehicle. Due to its vital function, the differential can undergo significant wear and tear. Unusual noises emanating from the differential can serve as an indicator that the differential fluid may need servicing or that there may be worn gears and/or bearings due to regular wear and tear. At All Over Towing, we specialize in medium and heavy-duty vehicles and possess the expertise to quickly diagnose and address issues with your differential. Trust us to keep your vehicles running smoothly. Schedule a diagnostic service with All Over Towing today.
  • Engine Repair and Diagnostics

    Engine Repair and Diagnostics

    While the check engine lamp can signal a variety of issues, there are specific lights that demand immediate attention, such as check oil/oil level low, low oil pressure, and check engine. Should any dashboard lights persist after starting the engine, it's a clear indication of potential engine problems. At All Over Towing, we understand that persistent dashboard lights can be the first sign of underlying issues. If you notice any lights lingering on the dash, particularly check engine-related indicators, it's time to contact us for an engine diagnostics service. We specialize in medium and heavy-duty vehicles, and our comprehensive engine diagnostics test can identify and address any issues your engine may be facing. Trust All Over Towing to take care of your engine repairs efficiently. Schedule an engine diagnostics service with All Over Towing today to ensure the optimal performance of your vehicles.
  • Flat Repair

    Flat Repair

    At All Over Towing, we understand the inconvenience a flat tire can cause. Tires can lose air for various reasons, including a puncture, a corroded rim, a leaky valve stem, or a cracked wheel. If you find yourself with a flat or low tire, prioritize safety by coming to a stop in a secure location as quickly as possible. If stranded on the roadside, activate your flashers and raise your hood for visibility. Once safely situated, you can either change to your spare or call for roadside assistance. Remember, driving even a short distance on a deflated tire can irreversibly damage it. Trust your friends at All Over Towing to fix or replace a tire swiftly, getting you back on the road with minimal delay. Count on us for reliable tire services for your medium and heavy-duty vehicles. Contact All Over Towing for quick and efficient tire solutions today.
  • Fluid Inspection

    Fluid Inspection

    To ensure the smooth operation of your vehicle, regular checks of fluid levels are crucial. It's important to inspect fluids such as coolant, engine oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, and windshield washer fluid. Your vehicle represents a significant investment, and routine checks of fluid levels and conditions play a vital role in preventing breakdowns, mechanical damage, and potential accidents. Let All Over Towing take care of your vehicle by examining and maintaining your fluid levels today. Our experts specialize in medium and heavy-duty vehicles, ensuring that your investment is well-protected. Schedule a comprehensive fluid check and change service with All Over Towing to keep your vehicle running smoothly and safely.
  • Four Wheel Drive System

    Four Wheel Drive System

    In the realm of modern cars and light trucks, many vehicles are equipped with all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive systems. While each manufacturer may employ a different system to distribute power to all four wheels, they universally rely on differentials or transfer cases to transmit power from front to rear and left to right. If you're experiencing issues with your four-wheel or all-wheel drive system, common symptoms may include illuminated dash indicators, failure to lock the front and rear together, shaking and vibration, or unsettling noises when engaged. Trust the experts at All Over Towing to swiftly and accurately diagnose and repair any problems with your four-wheel or all-wheel drive system. Our specialized service for medium and heavy-duty vehicles ensures that your system is in optimal condition. Schedule a diagnostic and repair service with All Over Towing today for reliable solutions.
  • Lift Kits

    Lift Kits

    Elevating your truck, sport utility vehicle, Jeep, and more by a few inches can offer significant advantages, particularly in off-road situations, while adding a distinctive and appealing look to your vehicle. A modest lift can contribute to improved performance and power for your truck. By lifting your vehicle, you gain greater flexibility in its utility. A lifted vehicle not only stands out on the highway but also enhances performance in challenging terrains like mud, sand, and water. A suspension lift kit increases clearance, enabling smoother ascents or descents off-road. Moreover, lift kits provide the capability for larger tire fitments, further enhancing your vehicle's capabilities. For expert advice and professional installation of lift kits, visit the lift kit specialists at All Over Towing today. Our team specializes in medium and heavy-duty vehicles, ensuring your lifted vehicle performs at its best. Elevate your driving experience—schedule a consultation with All Over Towing for lift kit solutions.
  • Muffler / Exhaust System Repair

    Muffler / Exhaust System Repair

    Your exhaust system plays a crucial role in managing the used-up fuel and air charge from your engine. It not only cleans the exhaust of hazardous pollutants but also silences it before releasing it at the rear of the vehicle. Key components of the exhaust system, including exhaust manifolds, catalytic converters, flexible sections, center pipes, exhaust resonators, and mufflers, work in harmony to reduce noise and vibration, remove heat, and eliminate harmful emissions from the engine. If your vehicle is exhibiting signs such as excessive noise, reduced power, or an emissions light indicating a catalytic converter issue, it's likely that your exhaust system requires attention. At All Over Towing, our experts specialize in medium and heavy-duty vehicles and can swiftly identify and resolve exhaust system problems in a timely and cost-efficient manner. Trust All Over Towing to keep your exhaust system in optimal condition. Schedule an inspection with us today.
  • Oil Changes

    Oil Changes

    Oil serves a crucial role in your vehicle by removing heat from the engine and lubricating its moving parts. Regularly changing your vehicle’s oil is one of the most important steps you can take to ensure long-term performance. As you drive, the oil pump circulates oil into your oil filter and throughout the engine. The oil filter plays a vital role in cleaning dirt and deposits from the oil, maintaining a clean and protected engine. Over time, the oil filter can become clogged with debris, making it unable to effectively clean the oil. It is recommended by most manufacturers to change the oil between 3,000 and 5,000 miles (5,000 and 8,000 kilometers) to ensure long life and maximum performance for your vehicle. At All Over Towing, we recognize the significance of regular oil changes for medium and heavy-duty vehicles. Trust us to prioritize the health and longevity of your engine. Schedule your next oil change with All Over Towing today.
  • Preventive Maintenance

    Preventive Maintenance

    Various components in your vehicle, including fluids, spark plugs, brake pads, and rotors, have limited service lives and require maintenance at predetermined intervals. Regular preventive maintenance stands out as the single most important measure you can take to ensure your vehicle runs safely and efficiently. Essential routine services such as oil changes, tire pressure checks, and scheduled inspections play a crucial role in keeping your vehicle running properly and identifying potential problems before they escalate. Refer to your owner’s manual for detailed information on when to inspect or replace items like oil and filter, transmission fluid, brake fluid, coolant, power steering fluid, fuel, air and cabin filters, drive or timing belts, and more. At All Over Towing, we possess the tools and expertise to provide proper and regular maintenance for your medium and heavy-duty vehicles. Trust us to keep your vehicle running smoothly. Schedule your routine maintenance service with All Over Towing today.
  • Steering and Suspension Repair

    Steering and Suspension Repair

    Your vehicle's steering and suspension play a pivotal role in maximizing traction between your tires and the road, ensuring steering stability, proper handling, and optimal comfort. These components bear the brunt of connecting your vehicle to the demanding roads, making them susceptible to wear and potential breakdowns that can leave you stranded. Considering their importance as safety components, it is recommended to have your steering and suspension systems inspected annually. If you encounter issues such as uneven tire wear, excessive noise, vibration, bouncing, loss of contact with the road, or difficulty maintaining a straight course, prompt inspection is crucial. At All Over Towing, our qualified technicians specialize in medium and heavy-duty vehicles. Trust us to swiftly identify and address any problems with your suspension. Schedule a suspension inspection with All Over Towing today to ensure the safety and performance of your vehicle.
  • Tire Installation

    Tire Installation

    Tires have evolved beyond being simple rubber and oil compounds. Today, they consist of multiple layers of materials, each serving a distinct role in the tire's functionality. Modern tires are more durable, less prone to dangerous blowouts, and excel at maintaining road contact, contributing to overall vehicle performance. The selection of the right tires has become more nuanced, with considerations such as load ratings for vehicles towing heavy weights or traction ratings for areas with heavy rain or snow. The lifespan of a tire is influenced by factors like road conditions, driving habits, usage, and tire type. It is recommended to change tires at least every six years as the rubber in tires dries out over time, leading to cracking, increased stress on the tire's infrastructure, and potential catastrophic failure. At All Over Towing, we understand the importance of properly installed tires for medium and heavy-duty vehicles. Our professionally trained staff is equipped to provide the best tires and tire installation in the industry. Trust All Over Towing for top-notch tire solutions. Schedule your tire installation service with us today.
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System

    Tire Pressure Monitoring System

    Your Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) is a sophisticated electronic system designed to continuously monitor the air pressure in your tires. This real-time tire pressure information allows the system to alert you promptly if there is a tire pressure issue. A drop in tire pressure to an unsafe level triggers a warning light or message, often specifying the affected tire. Maintaining proper tire pressure is not only a matter of safety but also crucial for extending the life of your tires. Tire pressure sensors, powering the TPMS, have non-serviceable batteries that will eventually fail due to low voltage. On average, tire pressure sensors have a lifespan of 7 to 9 years. To ensure optimal performance, it's recommended to replace or properly service sensors when installing new tires. At All Over Towing, we possess the tools, equipment, training, and knowledge to accurately diagnose and service your Tire Pressure Monitoring System. Trust us to handle all your tire service needs for medium and heavy-duty vehicles. Schedule your TPMS service with All Over Towing today.
  • Tire Rotation

    Tire Rotation

    As you drive, your tires naturally wear at different rates, with the front tires experiencing the most notable wear due to steering. To promote even tire wear, enhance fuel economy, ensure proper handling, and extend the life of your tires, regular tire rotation is essential. Depending on the vehicle, it's generally recommended to rotate your tires every 6,000 to 8,000 miles (9,000 to 13,000 kilometers). At All Over Towing, our tire experts are equipped to provide quick and professional tire rotation services for medium and heavy-duty vehicles. We understand the importance of maintaining even tire wear for optimal performance. Trust All Over Towing to handle your tire rotation needs at your convenience. Schedule your tire rotation service with us today.
  • Tire Storage

    Tire Storage

    We understand the importance of proper tire storage to maintain their longevity and performance. That's why we offer professional tire storage solutions to ensure your tires are kept in optimal condition year-round. Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with climate control and advanced security measures to protect your tires from the elements and theft. Whether you're storing your seasonal tires or need a safe place for your spare set, our team is dedicated to providing convenient and reliable tire storage services. With us, you can have peace of mind knowing that your tires are in good hands, ready for whenever you need them.
  • Tire Swap

    Tire Swap

    Keep your vehicle running smoothly with our tire swap service. We'll remove your current tires and replace them with a different set of tires from your inventory. Swapping tires helps extend their longevity by evening out the wear. Rotate your tires regularly to promote even treadwear. Our technicians can recommend the best schedule based on your driving habits and tire manufacturer recommendations. Keep an extra set of tires available to swap between for maximum mileage. Schedule your appointment today to swap tires and keep your vehicle handling great! Our team provides fast, reliable tire swaps to keep you safely on the road.
  • Transmission Service

    Transmission Service

    Modern transmissions represent a leap in both efficiency and complexity. They are electronically shifted and computerized, aiming to deliver improved fuel economy, smoother shifting, and heightened reliability. These transmissions are intricately integrated into the engine performance system, showcasing the depth of technological advancements. The sophistication of today's transmissions necessitates careful diagnosis and service to ensure optimal functionality. While maintenance schedules for transmission fluids have been extended, neglecting them can lead to costly mistakes. Contemporary driving symptoms often stem from complex issues that require thorough analysis of the entire powertrain system. Identifying and repairing the correct component is vital. At All Over Towing in [City], we boast OEM quality diagnostic tools and a team of trained, experienced technicians who are well-equipped to handle the complexities of modern transmissions. Trust us to diagnose and address any issues affecting the shifting or performance of your car or light truck promptly and affordably. Let All Over Towing get you back on the road with confidence. Schedule your transmission service with us today.
  • Tune Up

    Tune Up

    In the early 1990s, maintaining a car's engine involved regular attention to a few fundamental components, including spark plugs, distributor points and condensers, valve adjustments, timing adjustments, and carburetor adjustments, typically on an annual basis. This essential maintenance routine was commonly referred to as a 'tune-up'. However, the landscape of automotive technology has undergone significant transformations. Today, the term 'tune-up' has evolved to encompass various events that may cause a car to run poorly. Innovations like distributorless ignition, computerized engine controls, and fuel injection have revolutionized the needs of modern cars. Advances in spark plug technology and the improved efficiency of combustion systems have significantly extended the intervals between basic engine maintenance services. What was once an annual requirement has now been stretched to 60,000 or even 90,000-mile increments. While certain components like spark plugs, filters, and fluids still require periodic replacement for trouble-free operation, many others are likely to last the life of the car. If your car is exhibiting performance issues or displaying warning indicators on the dashboard, trust the professionals at All Over Towing in [City] to accurately diagnose and address the problem. Equipped with the necessary tools, equipment, and experienced technicians, we can swiftly and efficiently solve any issues affecting your vehicle's performance. Schedule your service with All Over Towing today.
  • Vehicle Inspection

    Vehicle Inspection

    Costly problems with your car may not be immediately apparent until it's too late. Annual maintenance and visual inspections serve as your first line of defense in detecting issues early. Regular vehicle inspections can potentially save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars on expensive repairs in the future. If you have concerns about the safety and roadworthiness of your car or light truck, take proactive steps by scheduling a maintenance inspection today at All Over Towing. Our expert team is dedicated to ensuring the well-being of your vehicle. Trust All Over Towing for thorough inspections that can identify potential problems and keep your vehicle running smoothly. Schedule your maintenance inspection with us today.
  • Windshield Wiper Blades

    Windshield Wiper Blades

    Your wiper blades play a crucial role in clearing rain, snow, and debris from your windshield, ensuring visibility during challenging weather conditions. However, over time, the tiny rubber wiping edges can harden, crack, or tear, leading to poor performance when you need them the most. In colder climates, it's often necessary to replace wiper blades at least annually to maintain proper wiper operation. For quality and budget-friendly wiper blade replacement, stop by All Over Towing today. Our expert team is here to ensure that your wiper blades are in optimal condition, ready to tackle whatever the weather throws at you. Trust All Over Towing for reliable wiper blade solutions. Visit us today for a quick and efficient replacement service.

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